modx development servicesMODx is a content management system and PHP based web application framework rolled into one. MODx allows to develop professional-looking, intricate websites with its easy-to-use interface and flexible architecture. MODx provides reusable code called snippets most of which are so generic that, without any modification, they can serve multiple functionalities. The generic nature of the snippets makes it possible to get the perfect customization that is so hard in other content management systems.MODx is an Open Source PHP web application framework and Content Management System (CMS), licensed under the GPL that helps you to take control of your online content. MODx helps you to publish content on World Wide Web (www) and intranet, and also helps to build the website exactly as you want to make them. MODx is published in the PHP programming language and uses MySQL database.MODx application framework empowers such a kind of authority to users and MODx developers with the help of which they can control system according to their need and can easily maintain web content chores. MODx also provides most useful tools and features for designing as they allow you access to rigid functionality that would normally demand technical knowledge. Website Design of MODx guarantees enhanced visibility and increases the profit for your business. The result of this to build some advanced browser friendly XHTML sites. MODx is also an SEO-friendly Content Management System.Ishnarh MODX developers change the look and feel of your site by creating your own templates using HTML, CSS, and widgets. Manage your users with authentication and authorization and make your site user-friendly with user groups, forums, and the use of PHx notations to embed logic in templates.Ishnarh MODx Customization Services includes

  • Modx installation and website setup
  • Creating unique design and integrate with Modx CMS
  • Create W3C valid pages
  • Generate fully XHTML compliant code
  • Create PHP Application Framework
  • Provide SEO-friendly URLs and enhance Meta-tag and keyword control
  • CMS with cross-browser WYSIWYG editors
  • Strong CSS based menu builder
  • Edit content from front-end side
  • Promote Rich Text editors
  • Web based graphical user interface

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