HTML5 Based ApplicationHTML5 is often used for mobile websites and mobile applications on Mobile operating systems such as Firefox OS, Tizen, and Ubuntu Touch. It provides developers with tools such as Offline Web Storage, Geo-location API, Canvas Drawing, CSS3, and many more.

The HTML5 covers a vast range of specifications, APIs, techniques, and design approaches to web development. Several of these technologies are intended to help developers build web applications optimized for mobile devices. Not all platforms support the same features in the same way, however. Moreover, specific hardware differences often require special treatment beyond the W3C specification, no matter how the platform implements the specification.

Ishnarh is intended to bring you up to speed, and help you jump head-first, into mobile HTML5 development. The card first covers the most important HTML5 mobile technologies, including key variations by platform and device, then offers a cream-of-the-crop selection from the vast ecosystem of tools, frameworks, and communities that have sprung up to support mobile HTML5 development. The card assumes basic knowledge of core web development technologies which includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

HTML5 Mobile Solutions:

  • Custom HTML5 Applications
  • HTML5 Mobile Apps Development
  • Enterprise HTML5 Applications
  • HTML5 Games Development
  • HTML5 Social Media Applications
  • HTML5 Widget Development
  • HTML5 Apps Testing / Portability
  • HTML5 Support & Maintenance

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