appleloop_u2_featureApple’s latest advert for Apple Music ran during the Country Music Association’s Awards ceremony. Fronted by singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney, he talked about the power of his music, and the effort that he puts in for his fans. He asked for a place where music has human element because “music is the last real thing we got”.

And in all of this talk of the special place that music has, of how music and creatives need be treasured, the final message of the advert screams that you can have ‘three months free’.

For all of the strong numbers posted by Apple, its adventures in the streaming music subscription space has been underwhelming. Given Apple’s size, Cupertino was always going to be able to capture a significant share of the market, but it still believed that it had to push hard to promote the service.

Apple Music was rolled into an iOS update, forcing the client onto every iOS handset. It overloaded the already clunky interface that makes up the music playing app on iPhone and iPad. It saw the Windows and OSX versions of iTunes forced to balance yet another bolt-on feature on top of the already sprawling code.

If you use any Apple products, there was no way you would miss Apple pushing the service to you. Which was all the more painful because of the bugs in Apple Music that wrecked countless iTunes libraries around the world.

As Apple announced details of the service, it assumed that artists would be happy to see their music downloaded and consumed for three months without any recompense, presumably because of the amazing exposure that Apple Music would offer them.


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